Sunday, March 15, 2009

The quick version:

Went to Arlington/DC for the better part of a week for a conference with Chris, had a good time. Picked up or developed something particularly virulent, probably en route home. Two Mondays ago, it turned into the nastiest cold I've had since mono, replete with a bad fever, hacking cough, etc. Spent the next week on the couch, useless and miserable and devouring tapioca and jello.

That weekend, felt much much better, so much so that we managed a little carousing. I only had a little cough/stuffy head, and we'd planned to for weeks and weeks in advance, and we'd already had to shift plans back to accommodate the Sick. So, we got to spend the night out with four--FOUR--of Chris's best friends from grad school, all of whom I love and haven't been able to spend much time with. It was a lot of fun. I was even able to sing most of the choir rehearsal the next night.

And then I started getting sicker, again. Still, we pushed on; shit to do, and I was getting a little cabin fever. This week--or, actually, weekend, I guess--we acquired and assembled storage benches we've been needing for, oh, a year, and have been pretty busy with cleanup and rearranging, etc etc.

So now, a week after I was doing so well, it's devolved completely again; I have no voice whatsoever (TRAUMA!!! D: ), breathing is iffy, swallowing's a treat, and the substances coming out of my lungs are unwholesome at best. I'm still not as sick as I was to begin with, thank goodness, but this is going to be my third choir rehearsal in a row in bad condition, and I've missed my knitting group three times. And I've got plans, damnit. Tuesday is My Day. I cook and sing and carouse, and there's no negotiating that. I was planning to be all better by then. We're having people in; I'm cooking for 5, this time, which I've never done.

Come on, body... Please....

--Anyway. I don't have any energy for doing the catchup dance. So, please! Tell me something nice or interesting that's happened to you in the last three weeks, and send some love my way. I'll send it right back to you. <3

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