Saturday, July 11, 2009

I know I cry over spilt milk, but...

...over Burnt Toast? Really?

Burnt Toast is a "domestic TV opera" that ran on the CBC. Hour long, made up of 8 vignettes on love. Comedic vignettes! Silly, even! Using some opera singers and some comic actors dubbed by opera singers. I watched the 8th first (, no reason... ::..cough::), but then I went back to the first, which is "Nothing Ever Happens In the Park."

Video of "Nothing Ever Happens In the Park."

It's described as a love hexagon--six people in the park, each in love with someone else, who is in turn in love with someone different. And when they've each been around with a verse (with some often very silly lyrics--the ones from and for the hot dog vendor, for instance - "You don't need ketchup, mustard ... you just need me," "You feed them all. Would you feed me, too?"), they come together in ... in that thing in musicals and opera that I don't know the name for, when all the different, distinct, individual parts of the song previously start intertwining and singing over one another and the themes blend and twist into something grand and lovely..

And then I was just crying.

I mean, unrequited love. Lots. And everyone's looking at someone else, who isn't looking at them, and there's a gorgeous duet part.. And opera, and that thing that always gets me when it happens ("Down Once More" in Phantom of the Opera, "One Day More" in Les Miserables, ooooooooh...),but... seriously, Burnt Toast...?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th, My Love

Chris and I have now been together for a half a decade.

I am stunned and delighted by this fact. (How has it been five years?)

I love you fiercely, mister.