Wednesday, April 8, 2009

After the Cuts

I give up. They're in bathroom stalls on campus and being posted on facebook by people I do not know, but whom I now de facto like (Save Our Classes - CSU Stanislaus--good job, guys!) I should at least be able to share them with you. Though whether they mean much out of context, I couldn't say. So, this is a set of political cartoons called "After the Cuts," about the situation faculty and staff at the CSU--particularly contingent--face with the budget cuts.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official production of any faculty or staff agency or group. Strips may be reprinted at will for campus posting, but not for profit. Higher res/larger scans are available upon request. © Me and concept contributors, all rights reserved etc etc etc.

That said:

After the Cuts 1:
Will Teach For Food.

After the Cuts 2:
New Positions - Department Chair

After the Cuts 3:
New Positions - Supplemental Security


There was a question about student-centric ones, so we started plotting. Here's the first:
After the Cuts 4 - Student Edition!
The New Wait List

Ask and ye shall receive!

ETA 2, weeks later:

Just thought I should have the fifth one linked here. This one hasn't shown up anywhere, but I feel like I should still give it a little love. :)
After the Cuts 5
Classes Are Consolidated

A List

1) I think I need a seam ripper. I need to accept the fact that I am not built appropriate to... um... any clothing, especially long tops, and that it will be easier on me to modify them if I can just rip the seams and resew, rather than pinch some places, cut open and re-hem others, and try to dart to fix the places where they bunch in between. Also, it will probably look better. It's one thing to cut up t-shirts, but nicer things I should do properly, I think.

2) I am drawing political cartoons. This is my first time ever trying them. It is fun, but also depressing. (This is because the point is essentially, "What happens to all of the people at the university who get laid off, if you cut all our funding?" = Bleak. But also sometimes snarky. Maybe I will link, but I am Shy.)

3) I had better get over feeling Shy, because there's been a certain amount of copying and distributing. (TERROR.) There's a kind of poster blitz going down on campus. There's also Facebook networking, which is kind of weird and wonderful. Also, students with Facebook are a Force, just have to say.

4) I don't know how I still feel shy, when I'm such a praise whore. Regardez:

Look! I modified the Bunny pattern to make a rat for my best gal pal, who has a cute white rat who is (quite charmingly) named Bunny. (That is said gal pal's lap, by the way, that the knit ratty is on.) It is SO CUTE. There is also, now, a fleet of bunnies. (...If you can have a fleet of three.) Sweetness ahoy!

...ETA, already:
5) ....Re: 2: I also need to make more of the cartoons. They have started turning up places on campus without us having put them there, after all of three hours. puffed up, right now:: Granted, they were given to people who wanted to also engage in sign-putting-up, and it is certainly they who have arranged it? But Chris just walked into the bathroom and saw one there. That's... well, awesome, frankly.


How did I not hear about this for a whole 24 hours??

Vermont legalizes same-sex marriage

And with the legislature, no less! Good job, Vermont!!

(We're now up to 8% of the states. That's... well, that's definitely a good start.)

Friday, April 3, 2009

More craftiness! And kitties! And pic-spam!

So, I thought I'd try to make Sculpey molds for candles. This did not work.

I made a fish (which almost worked, but not quite), and an egg, which really didn't work at all. But I can melt them down and make them Better on another day. It was a Learning Experience.

However, I *did* knit a really precious bunny, and took way too many pictures of him. But that's 'cause he's precious.

But you know what else is precious? This picture I managed to sneak on Alex of him cuddling with his own favorite stuffed animal, Pudding the Bunny:

This picture is basically a lie, because Alex spends as much of his day as he can trying to eviscerate that bunny. But I thought, hey, it's Easter coming up, he's sleepy, maybe he'll cuddle if he doesn't realize what he's got. But he did, indeed, try to kill Puddin' when he woke up.

And for more Alex sweetness, you should also see this:

I gave him the remote, because I thought he needed it. Considering he was reclining to look at the TV (which was off). That cat is a loaf. Seriously.

Arthur is equally wonderful, delightful, sweet, and silly. The sweetest cuddlebunny ever, perhaps:


But he's harder to catch in the act, generally. I have some more of him lying like a slab of butterflied meat, with his back legs out behind him--not straight, but with insides of his legs flattened to the ground--somewhere, but not online, yet, I don't think.

You should maybe also know that every night I have to sing him the "Wiiiiiith six in the bed, and the little one said, 'Roll over! Roll over!' So they all rolled over, and one fell out, then there's five in the bed, and the little one said..." song. Usually twice. So he can roll around on his back at the top of the stairs, before bed, and get pets and kisses for it. (Yes: I have trained my cat to roll over. In as much as a cat can be trained to do something like that.) It's... How can they be SO CUTE?

They're a year and a couple months now, and it's not wearing off. They're enormous (Arthur's somewhere around 14 pounds, I think, and Alex around 16), but they're still sweet dorks. <3

Go Iowa!

And Iowa has now overtaken us in the race towards being civil to our fellow human beings:

Hugs and kisses, Iowa! <3, Me