Monday, March 30, 2009

Crafting Attempt, Part Four and final for now.

It was a late night, and a long night, with coughing fits for Chris and really, really bad, unfair dreams for me. But this... this came out really pretty, actually. It looks how I wanted it to look.

So, this candle was a fuss. Most things were going wrong. The seal didn't work--it wasn't quite a flat tube. I had to tie wax paper to it with a hair band, and keep messing with it after the first couple pours to make sure the wax paper stuck up against the 'mold,' instead of continuing to creep up the sides of the paper. And the green wax was a pain; it filmed densely over the top while it was still completely liquid underneath, so when I'd try to pour on a new layer, it just.. kinda'.. fell through the one below it, most of the time. I really didn't match my waxes well, this time.

I scraped so much spilled wax off of the stove, and re-melted hunks of wax way too many times... aaagh...

But, I think the sides must have kept their layers, pretty well, even while the center was getting muddy. If I was mixing smells, this could have been really gross, but since only the green wax was scented (and was too strong, at that), maybe it'll just be diluted and mild. This may have accidentally gone ideally well. I *did* want blurry layers--I wanted this one to look really organic.

I'm... that's just... yeah. <3 I needed that.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

Oh, and you totally can't see in this picture that it is completely flat on one side, from where there was a bend in the box lid I used. GENIUS.