Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's official!

We're a band! Paper Cats! That's us. (I am, by the way, proud of myself for that name.)

And we've made it onto their folk charts! The songs Chris and I have posted on our blogs are up there (he's posted a few I never got around to, actually!), as well as a couple more of Chris's solo songs. This is so, so, so much fun.

In other good news, I've got the bug for writing again. I'm in the smut fanfic mode (and, strangely, the non-smut fanfic mode, which is entirely new for me) and hopefully that'll translate into feeling like working on original fiction, soon. But we'll see.

In still other good news, we're moving in less than two weeks! TWO WEEKS! AAAAAAAAAH! (It's about two blocks away, but it's a little bigger, a townhouse--complete with stairs, stairs, stairs!--and a little yard, very exciting.)

Maybe I'll write a few substantive blog entries, soon. But probably after we're moved in. :)