Friday, September 26, 2008

My boss's bank just bought my bank.

(Bitching re: private corps as related to us specifically has been redacted, just in case. But it was there. Oh, it was there.)

Okay. So in the midst of all this shit, my wonderful little non-profit is pretty safe, I think. (...Fretting...) Luckily, work didn't wind up building anything on money that would have disappeared, now. (...Snarking...) Apparently appropriate regulation is all right, for a non-profit. (...Kvetching...)

As for Chris and I, we're thinking of going credit union when this all settles down a little. Credit Unions don't buy up every bad mortgage they can get their hands on, willy nilly, and then expect the rest of us to pay for their fuck-ups. I'm ready for non-profit banking, baby.

Until then (to the tune of "California..."), FDIC, here I come...

(I am unaccountably really amused by the whole fucking thing.)

Also edit: We're not actually going to FDIC. We are, currently, okay.

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