Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Drinking Game!

I had to do it. Coming in just under the wire, a Presidential Debate Drinking Game! Pretty simple, but it should hold for these debates. Let me know if you actually do it, eh? I'm pausing it on DVR so I have a little more time to get set up, here.


Any time McCain mentions his time as a POW.
Any time McCain uses the phrase "brave Americans" to refer to troops.

Any time Obama refers to McCain as "my esteemed ____" or "my respected_____".
Any time Obama mentions his father, or his (white) grandmother. (Take a big slug if he mentions them both in the same sentence.)
Any time Obama uses the word "dreams."

Any use of the phrase "9/11"

If McCain accuses Obama's tax plan of raising taxes "on Americans."
If Obama mentions the "Bush economy."*
If Obama brings up McCain's comments about $5 mil being rich or not remembering how many houses he owns.
If McCain brings up Obama's sex-ed bill.

Any "I met a woman in Kansas..." kind of story. Take a good slug if it involves dying of cancer or losing a house.

If Obama calls McCain "out of touch" or McCain calls Obama "elitist."
If either candidate accuses the other of "socializing" anything.* (Extra drink if he follows it with the phrase "on our backs" or "on the backs of _____ Americans.")

Any time anyone mentions Palin.*

Any time McCain contends Palin has as much (or more) relevant experience as (/than) Obama.

Any time an animal is mentioned, whether referring to a literal animal or as a metaphor.
Any incredibly folksy metaphor is used.
Drink twice if anyone uses an obscenity or loses their temper.

Any time Jim Lehrer refers to "Main Street."*

Special bonus drink for the incredible disappearing scandal: If Jim Lehrer asks about John McCain's involvement in the Keating Five scandal, finish your drink and get a new one.*


*Contributed by my lovely Chris.

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