Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yuck! Sign this, please!

Please, go have a look at this bill, and sign the handy-dandy email to your local congressperson.

Maybe you don't mind pesticides, mercury, and rBGH in your food/the animals from whom your food comes (though I hope that's not the case), but I do. This bill wouldn't change production, only take away information we already get (those of us who do). Voting down this bill would not add labels anywhere or prohibit any kind of food, it just would keep information from being removed.

So, if you love me (or someone else who doesn't like mercury), please don't let them wipe out the state labeling laws! Any state with any labeling law not part of the federal standards would have said laws stricken away, no questions asked. There is no rational reason for it other than to keep consumers from knowing things about their food they would find objectionable.

This only takes a minute. Throw in your name and address and they'll fire off the letter for you. Please, please, please.

(I have read the full text of the bill, there--the particularly offensive part:

sections (c) and (d), no State or political subdivision
3 of a State may, directly or indirectly, establish or
4 continue in effect under any authority any notifica-
5 tion requirement for a food that provides for a warn-
6 ing concerning the safety of the food, or any compo-
7 nent or package of the food, unless such a notifica-
8 tion requirement has been prescribed under the au-
9 thority of this Act and the State or political subdivi-
10 sion notification requirement is identical to the noti-
11 fication requirement prescribed under the authority
12 of this Act.

It further goes on to say that you can petition to keep something if it is very imminently dangerous but does not make trouble for interstate commerce. Is that cute, or what?)

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