Thursday, February 16, 2006

An opener.

Because it's not a real blog without the first meme of sorts, I offer Johari and Nohari windows.

Apparently these are personality tools dating back to the '50s. Basic idea, you pick a handful of words from a list that you feel best describe your traits. Then, you drag in friends and family and coworkers and make them pick words they think best describe you, and a handy little matrix of overlap and independence is formed.

Of course, I've already second-guessed my choices, because it's a pesky difficult little thing trying to reduce a human being down to five or six words (or 10-12 if you do both the positive Johari and the negative Nohari), and many of the words are similar, or shades of one another. What about second ranks? Am I picking things that are superficial? Am I ousting more applicable traits for ones that are simply a little more glaring or spoken? Am I not looking at the big picture? Am I picking things that don't really apply after all? Am I picking things that no one is going to know about? Am I being honest at all? And what about the negatives? Am I being true to the spirit of it if I choose things that are mirrors or exaggerations of the positives? Do I have to think they're negative? Am I being hard on myself? Easy on myself? Am I really just doing this looking for suggestions?


So, I'm going to take it all with a grain of sea salt (the kind with the clay in it? that makes it red?). I promise to not be too flattered, insulted, or confused. I probably won't even make a rebuttal. But I'll probably do yours if you do mine. I'm a sucker for things like this. And it's been a long, long time.

Edit: P.S. In case you're wondering, "indecisive" is not an option. It's one of the many glaring omissions. Like "stubborn" and "whimsical."

P.P.S. Chris, a moment ago: ". . . Why are you a wonder widgit?"


Lulu--Back in Town said...

Thinking I should have gone with observant and tense or proud and tense or proud and observant or proud and searching or observant and searching or. . . . over sentimental and silly. But I am very sentimental and silly. What's a girl to do? And maybe needy over childish. Maybe I'll do them for myself from the 'outside.' Ha.

I'd like to point out that it's a good atestment to the character of our (read Lover and Sweetest's) relationship that we were able to do and discuss our noharis and one another's in good humor. ex: "Oh, you're right, you are inflexible! Well, that's what I meant by impatient, anyway. . . " "Oh, foolish! I didn't even see foolish, I'd've picked that one. . . " And only in tenderest, razzless love. The joharis, of course, went off without a hitch.

Solangel said...

Hahahaha cute!