Thursday, February 15, 2007

And I'd almost caught back up on the blog world. . .

Nausea: thought it was from the acidic food.

TERRIBLE HEAD AND NECK PAIN: thought I'd aggravated the pretty-much-healed sprained neck by hanging over the sewing machine for five hours.

Terrible body pain: see head and neck pain. But the tablecloth is all kinds of gorgeous, I am telling you.

Horrible wracking cough: just thought I had one lungful too many.

...But that wouldn't explain why I was still coughing--and coughing worse, with a mighty BURNING AND ACHING which jostled the head and aggravated the headache--this morning, and am also congested. Or why, on retrospect, my voice was excessively sore/tired after choir practice, Monday. Or why I've been randomly and lightly coughing for, oh, a week, now (thought it was just the great local air quality), and have had occasional stabbing pains through the ear. Or why I woke up with a 102˚F fever, this morning, after the dream where I'm trying to produce the great new spiritual doctrine on a triangular tablet (..Idunno).

.. . I swear. I've never been properly ill THREE TIMES in TWO MONTHS before. And I'm worried that this one's a doozy. I don't remember the last three hours.

...Four hours.


Well, Chris is walking over to the store for chicken soup, for me (I think). I obviously managed to move, but now I'm going to crawl back into the nook where I presume I have whittled away all this time since I woke up. I'm going to fall behind, again, on your journals and lives, and I will quite probably STILL not be around for the emailing/messaging/etc. I'm sorry. :(

This sucks. But see y'all again when I come out of the coma? :) LOVE


Christina Girl said...

Aw chick.... :-( *hug* I hope you feel better soon.

Lulu--Back in Town said...

Thank you, sweetie, I'm pretty much back to normal, now. :) ::Hugs!:: And I want to have you over for pizza soon.