Monday, December 4, 2006


I should have prefaced the last entry with my being okay. But I can't resist the urge to tell something in story form.

The hot shower helped marvelous much, though it's going to be an effort to keep on the better side of things if I keep typing with this damn thing (beautiful thing, darling thing, treasure of my material possessions) in my lap.

I have developed a healthy fear of the stairs.

I knew, shortly after getting here, and I expressed it somewhat loudly (so maybe someone can back me up), that I would, eventually, fall down the stairs to injury. Sometimes I said "and kill myself," but I didn't mean that. What I guessed would actually happen was that, as I had a big bad habit of leaping/tearing/jumping down the stairs, I would land badly on a step and break my ankle. Or at least twist it good, again. I have had a total of at least 6 sprains, between my two ankles, a couple of them serious, as they used to just fall over and sprain with no provocation. They don't twist, anymore. After all that, those tendons are made of elastic. Or molten steel, I'm not sure.

So this was more and less serious. I'm kind've sad that my love affair with tearing down the stairs is on hold/coming to an end in this way, so soon!, as I gingerly tread those steps. I had sort of hoped it'd be a bigger, stupider, sillier injury that would leave my more important bits alone--that I would earn my fear of stairs in a blaze of dumbass glory. I quite like crutches. This whole sitting back with my neck at a gentle recline and doing delicate stretches is not my bag. This impairs writing (can't you tell? By my radio silence?), which is a far graver offense than impairing walking/climbing/kicking.

. . .What the hell am I complaining about, anyway? I should get my ass up and clean off my poor, poor desk, and sit at it like a proper ape-descendent. But I love this cushy nook in the bedroom so much. It's in the Sun. It's lined with pillows. I Made It. There's a cat on the sill.

If I can rig (that should be "wrig") myself a handy tray-table for this height (doubtful), I shall return to this sunny, cozy spot. If not, it's into the Room of Requirement.



Westside Goth said...

i can comment on you blog.

Lulu--Back in Town said...

But I can't comment on yours! :( I should just try on Chris's computer. It must not like my browser. :\

Christina said...

Aw *HUG* don't die! We need you around! We, as in the world!

Christina said...

OOps, I almost forgot! Check out the web-link I put to my name and look in the honorable mentions section. I think you'll find some familiar and pleasant faces. :-)

Lulu--Back in Town said...

Thank you, Chica! ::hugs!::

And YAY! Browder! And Cusack! <3 Though I do like her top two a lot, too. ;)