Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Mushrooms. A little chocolate. And some black beans and rice.

Christ, food never tasted so good.

So. Now would be the two day mark, but I was foaming (! What the fuck, reflux?) so I gave up a handful of hours ago and eased myself into some gentle food. I'll eat well (mostly) tomorrow and then have another clean day. Without as much spearmint-loaded tea, this time, I think.

I feel strange! I've teetered between feeling quite good--quite a lot better, really--and feeling vulnerable. But I suppose that makes sense. At least I haven't taken down my previous entry, yet. That's been a bit of a battle. Hopefully I'll manage to not back off?

I'm realizing increasingly how freaking lucky I am. I know and love and am loved by some very beautiful, special, fantastic people. Thank you.

But, in lighter, fluffier news (and because my blog, apparently, follows a pattern of back and forth between grave and absolutely fluffy--I just noticed this, today), I discovered that Piotr (the Purple Piggy, down the page) jumps when you click him only until you've clicked him a lot and rapidly, at which point he does something incredibly cute. (This thing is what the spraybottle is for--I'd had no idea.) Go see! Click him silly, then use the spraybottle, and then feed him an apple and tell him what a cute piggy he is. It's good for your health.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

How are viagra and Disney World similar?

Ans: They both have you hangin' around for an hour for a two minute ride.

Loooove!!!!! It's tricklin' down my leg...euwww, that's too much love. THERE CAN NEVER BE TOOOO MUCH LOVE!!! That's just enough love.

Rae the dobson taco monkey

Helenaaaaaa! said...


When I first clicked Pietr I thought he screamed and I'd managed to do something wrong.

Sorry I dirtied your swine, Lauren! Good luck with the fasting! If that's called "fasting" I've probably been "slowing" lately... :-/ Cursed stigmatic lady bits!

Lulu--Back in Town said...

Just enough love indeed, Rae! LOVE!

And you are welcome to dirty my swine any time you like, Helena! He oinks and squeaks and eats apples and eventually falls over in the dirt, so you can spray him clean. He is the cutest purple piggy in the world. And what's up with your stigmatic lady bits? Eat all you like! I'm back to scarfing things down delightedly.